WMA Membership

WMA is a non-profit platform dedicated to facilitating greater understanding of Hong Kong through the lens-based art form. WMA manages and operates WMA Space, located at 8/F., Chun Wo Commercial Centre, 23-29 Wing Wo Street, Central, Hong Kong. To find out more about WMA programmes, visit wma.hk.

WMA Members will be invited to attend exhibitions, workshops, seminars and other events held at WMA Space, and will receive WMA newsletters and invitations to events. Members of the public are welcome to register as WMA Members.

WMA Membership is free of charge.

To register as a WMA Member, you must be at least 15 years old and have completed an application form. The application form may be obtained and submitted electronically, or in person at WMA Space.

WMA Members, when visiting WMA Space, must observe rules and regulations relating to use of WMA Space.

WMA may review WMA membership terms from time to time and may, at its absolute discretion and at any time, change the terms, bar a WMA Member from WMA Space or suspend or terminate a person’s membership.

Rules for Visitors to WMA Space

1. Visitors must observe these rules at all times while they are in WMA Space and are deemed to have agreed to observe these rules on entering WMA Space. Visitors include WMA Members.

2. Visitors must present their event confirmation to WMA staff when entering WMA Space or register for the event as may be requested by WMA staff.

3. WMA Members should make themselves known to WMA staff when entering WMA Space. WMA Members must observe these rules at all times while they are in WMA Space.

4. Visitors must enter and leave WMA Space through the front of the building where WMA Space is located. Visitors must remain within designated areas in WMA Space.

5. Visitors should at all times behave courteously towards WMA staff members, contractors and volunteers and event presenters, and respect other visitors’ privacy and equal rights to enjoy events in WMA Space.

6. Visitors should switch their mobile phone and any other communication device to silent mode and keep the volume of phone and other conversations low.

7. Visitors may take photos of or in WMA Space but all such photos must be for private, non-commercial or educational use only. No photograph of any stranger in whole or in part may be taken or distributed without the individual’s prior express consent. Use of flashlight, selfie stick or tripod and audio, video or film recording are prohibited unless prior written express permission has been obtained from WMA.

8. No commercial activity, campaign or solicitation of donation is allowed in WMA Space.

9. No banner, bunting, flyer, promotional or publicity material of any kind should be displayed or distributed in the WMA Space without WMA’s prior express permission.

10. Eating and drinking are not allowed in WMA Space except for food and drink provided by WMA Space and such items may be consumed in designated areas only.

11. Smoking (including but not limited to cigarette, cigar, pipe and electronic cigarette) is not allowed in WMA Space.

12. Visitors should respect the integrity of the exhibits, installations, surfaces, fixtures, fittings, equipment and facilities in WMA Space. Visitors must not write on, mark, soil or damage any such item.

13. Visitors must not lean on any wall or partition and must not touch any exhibit, installation, surfaces, fixtures, fittings, equipment and facilities in WMA Space unless prior express permission is given.

14. Visitors who bring any child at or under the age of 12 must accompany the child at all times, are wholly responsible for the child’s safety and conduct and must ensure that the child observes these rules at all times while the child is in WMA Space.

15. Assistance dogs but no other animals are allowed into WMA Space.

16. Visitors should take care of all personal belongings and valuable items they bring to WMA Space and not leave them unattended. WMA will not be responsible for the safe custody of and/or any damage to or loss of any such item.

17. Visitors will be held responsible for all injury or damage caused directly or indirectly by them, and will indemnify WMA against all injury, damage, loss or expense suffered or incurred by WMA, any WMA staff member, contractor or volunteer arising from or relating to any damage to WMA Space or the building where it is located or any injury or damage to any WMA staff member, contractor or volunteer, any event presenter and/or any other visitor to WMA Space or their property that are caused directly or indirectly by the visitors.

18. WMA reserves the right and is entitled to ask any or all visitors to stop their activities and/or leave WMA Space at any time at its absolute discretion without giving any reasons or prior notice.

19. WMA reserves the right and is entitled to enforce, change, or suspend these rules at any time at its absolute discretion without giving any reasons or prior notice.

(June 2021 version)