Chan Wai Kwong - Record


Chan Wai Kwong was born in Hong Kong in 1976. He left school at an early age and began to explore his creative side. To date Chan has self-published seven photography books including ‘The Moment’, ‘Wanchai’, ‘Ah~’, ‘Pingyao’, ‘Tokyo 1’, ‘Ting Ting’ and ‘Tenderness of a 19 yr Girl’. In 2011, he held a pop-up solo exhibition in his home titled ‘ Chan Wai Kwong Photo Exhibition’, filling every wall in the flat with his black and white portrait and street photography. His solo exhibition ‘Tenderness of a 19 yr Girl’ was held at 100ft. Park Hong Kong in 2012. Chan has participated in group exhibitions in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Pingyao, China.

Project Statement

“To record” is fundamental to a photographer. I’m merely recording things around me. As far as the intent, content or connotation of the photograph is concerned, it shall be interpreted by the viewer.