Beatrice WONG - No Opportunities (for Beatrice)

Beatrice WONG I sleep after swallowing one sedative, one tranquiliser, one antidepressant and one melatonin, two times each day.
Beatrice WONG Having a home inside the prison of my mind is better than having no home at all
Beatrice WONG My greatest achievement is to hack my body so it no longer desires anything
Beatrice WONG Time is no longer an enemy when I exist as a machine running along a definite set of rules
Beatrice WONG Empty hope looks after me, and I look forward to another day.
Beatrice WONG I am targeted by haters, but I only need my lovely teammate.
Beatrice WONG It is not my fault. I did not create my life. Some mighty One did.
Beatrice WONG Maybe it is time to let go and stop holding myself back
Beatrice WONG A faint memory that never materialised


Beatrice Wong is a transgender outsider artist with a lifelong struggle with mental issues. She is currently a research assistant on transgender studies, and on the side, she expresses her dilemmas in life through personal creative projects and mediums including stand-up comedy, writing, a short documentary screened at various LGBTQIA film festivals, and recently, photography. She was a WMA Open finalist and now stepping up to also being a finalist at the prestigious WMA Masters.

Project Statement

I created this self-portrait series to celebrate my entry into the battlefield against depression and anxiety. During a very low point in my life, when my body was filled with drugs, alcohol and powder, I randomly came across Francis Bacon’s Wikipedia page, and I started brainstorming.