GONG He - Wish

GONG He Wu Shangsi, 86 years old, is illiterate. He came across Hong Kong only on television. He hopes to have the opportunity to visit the city in his lifetime.
GONG He Wang Qingsong works in an office. When chatting with him about Hong Kong, he fully affirmed that Hong Kong has contributed hugely to mainland China’s economy. He hopes that Hong Kong will become more prosperous, and will get better and better!
GONG He Li Peng is a cadre of the National Tax Bureau of Suining City, Sichuan Province. He has visited Hong Kong, and found its democratic prosperity and beautiful night view very memorable. He wishes Hong Kong to become more beautiful.
GONG He When talking about Hong Kong, bulldozer driver Xie Huqiang’s first thought is to attend Andy Lau's concert if given a chance to visit.
GONG He Ophthalmologist Zhou Jinhong talks about his understanding of Hong Kong. After thinking for a while, he told me that if given the opportunity, he wishes to study in Hong Kong, because one of his classmates studied at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
GONG He Railway police officer Du Xinkang mentioned films when talking about Hong Kong. He likes Hong Kong’s gangster film and is a fan of Chow Yun-fat. He hopes to have his autograph.
GONG He Zheng Lixia is a furniture dealer who has just successfully applied for “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect” this year. She hopes that Hong Kong’s stock market will be bullish, so everyone can make a good fortune.
GONG He Pan Shuai, a young tattooist, longs to visit the Lan Kwai Fong bar district and experience Hong Kong’s nightlife.
GONG He Primary school teacher Tang Dong Mei just transferred to a new school from other part of the country. She would like to visit Hong Kong but has too much to do and no time.
GONG He Tang Yi is 7 years old. When I asked her whether she knows Hong Kong, she drew me a picture and wrote “I love Hong Kong”. When she realised that I was going to take pictures for her, she insisted that her sister, who was just off from the...


Forty-eight-year-old GONG He graduated from the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (formerly the Zhejiang Silk Industrial College – Fashion Design). He is a freelance photographer and a dealer of a furniture brand. He is also the chairman of the Youth Photography Art Society of Suining, Sichuan Province (a non-government organisation).  

Project Statement

 The idea of the “Wish” series is to try to present in a plain way the various perceptions and desires of Hong Kong from the perspective of common mainland Chinese people. The series has been edited such that an 86-year-old farmer marks its beginning and a 7-year-old girl marks the end. Such a sequence depicts the passage from past to future, as well as the transition of time.