WMA Open Image Archive | Call for images

WMA Open is a co-created image archive of Hong Kong. It invites the public to record, explore and research on Hong Kong using digital images and tools. Through co-creating the archive, we can capture and preserve the shared memory of this city and create a public discourse of contemporary Hong Kong.


Everyone is welcome to contribute to the archive by submitting images under the WMA annual theme. The general public can tell their stories of Hong Kong through contributing images, so that people’s stories can be documented and form an important part of history of Hong Kong.


The public can also access and use images in the archive for non-commercial purposes under Creative Commons (CC) Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Hong Kong License. The shared images can inspire and enrich research, education and discussion on Hong Kong, can continue to advance and illustrate the uniqueness of this city in the global society.


WMA Open now invites the general public to submit their images under the theme “Light” until June 2020. Each creator can submit unlimited series of work (with max. 5 images for each set of images). All images have to be a minimum of 1 MB in JPEG/JPG format.


Together we build this open image archive of Hong Kong for Hong Kong.