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WMA Masters 2018/19 “Opportunity” Announcement of Finalists

(Hong Kong: 11 December 2018) The WMA Masters is pleased to announce the seven finalists for its 2018/19 award on Opportunity. Finalists’ photographic works, responding to the theme in the context of Hong Kong, will be exhibited at the Hong Kong City Hall mid-April 2019. The winner of the WMA Masters will be announced at the opening of the exhibition.


“We are pleased to receive lots of entries for this cycle, exploring the theme ‘Opportunity’ in the context of Hong Kong in dynamic ways” said Vivian Fung, Project Director of WMA. “We are very thankful for our panel of jurors to help us arrive at 7 finalists through two rounds of selection.”


‘There are a lot of “out-of-the-box” interpretations of the theme in our finalists’ works, ranging from opportunities relating to heritage, overcoming personal challenges, education, consumerism, generations seeking the Hong Kong dream, living life in a safe cocoon, and freedom,’ says Zoher Abdoolcarim, chair of the judging panel. ‘When the audience looks at the FINALISTS, some may resonate while others may challenge their thinking.’ Finalists are selected by a panel of renowned industry leaders in photography, art, publishing, and the non-profit sector including Zoher ABDOOLCARIM, Kurt CHAN, Clement CHEROUX, May FUNG, Yumi GOTO, Kevin LEE and Michael WOLF.


The seven finalists are (listed in no particular order):

Pierfrancesco CELADA – Where It Never Rains

CHEUNG Nga Ling – Alike…

Jolans FUNG – ‘Opportunity everywhere ? !‘

Sharon LEE – The Crescent Void

Saskia WESSELING – Time to tame the tigers?

Beatrice WONG –  No Opportunities (for Beatrice)

YIP Kin Bon  – The day you put me on


For details, please visit: http://masters.wma.hk


About the WMA Masters

The WMA Masters is a non-profit photography award aiming to nurture the growth of photography as an art form, and to spark discussions of social issues of great importance to Hong Kong through visual images. Previous winners are KO Chung Ming, Rufina WU & Stefan CANHAM, SIU Wai Hang, Albert BONSFILLS, Kurt TONG, Wei Leng TAY, Sui-fong YIM.


About the WMA Programme series

Initiated by WYNG Foundation, WYNG Media Award (WMA) is a series of programmes developed to spark awareness and engage the public on social issues of great importance to Hong Kong, with a view to fostering positive change. They include WMA Masters, WMA Commission, WMA Open, WMA Student and WMA Film. The programmes have been encouraging dialogues through selected annual themes, including Poverty, Air, Waste, Identity, Mobility and Transition in the past. The theme for the 2018/19 cycle is Opportunity. For more information, please visit wma.hk.

About Opportunity

Long for it. Pray for it. Thank the gods!

Desire it. Lust for it. Say it is so!

Milk it. Drain it. Let it rot—

Revive it. Reanimate it. Let it flow.

Neglect it. Regret it. Hope it fades…

Stalk it. Leap at it. Watch it fly.

Retrace it. Embrace it—but you’ve been played.

Kill for it. Tackle it. Bleed it dry.

Toy with it. Tear it down. Set it free!

Ensnare it. Forget it. Let it drop.


What can you do to an “Opportunity”—and what can it do for you?