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Irregular Plurals

Irregular Plurals is underpinned by the basic grammatical rule where irregular autonomous subjects, when pluralised, transform into differing distinguished forms, while sharing the same linguistic roots. Such is also the core of home or community-building; how might we retain our flying colours, as we engage, shape, and evolve among the many publics? Taking place between August and December, Irregular Plurals is the first exhibition series under the WMA biennial theme “Home”. We invite three pairs of image-makers to bring forth their works and art practices for dialogues surrounding the nature, cityscapes and communities in Hong Kong, seeking the various possibilities for connection and cohabitation. 


Invested in the complex ecosystems of animals, plants and microorganisms, Lo Lai Lai Natalie, who has a farming practice, together with former theme park photographer Yuen Nga Chi, interrogate the struggles and interdependencies among a diversity of life forms. Probing the notion of home at places away from home in recent years, the practice of the artist duo Dorothy Wong Ka Chung and Benjamin Ryser resonates with that of the city wanderer  Lam Wing Sze, where the everyday sights and the collective experience in the countryside and in the bustling city becomes their archival endeavours. Yim Sui Fong, who takes interest in socially-engaged art, connects with Wiki Lo Wan Ki, an initiator of various spatial experiments, to collect a vast array of family experience through a series of participatory initiatives, in an attempt to untangle individual and collective struggles, and re-learn ways to better cohabit with each other. 


From the push and pull of nodes and links comes the activation of networks; and the sustaining of networks takes persistent communication and cultivation, where all forms of irregular plurals could stand to propagate and root on the land that is home.