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A straight line with a semi-circular curve atop illustrates vividly the physical definition of an island – being surrounded by water and above water level even at high tide – and our idea of it being a limited and isolated space. Yet, this simple delineation also reflects our neglect, one that we are accustomed to, of the co-existing relations between island and water, between one island and another, and between island and city. Over the years, the economic activities of the island dwellers have transformed their islands to various degrees. Do these transformations alter our understanding and definition of an island?

In the second half of 2022, WMA is launching a series of exhibitions and events focusing on the islands in Hong Kong. Videos, performances, mapmaking, historical images and texts will be used to explore languages, cultures and modes of living on the various islands, in an attempt to understand ‘island’ on its own terms. Scattered islands are like scattered dots. Through this project, we hope to connect different island researches as well as happenings on islands now and then to compose a new perspective for conceiving the future.