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WMA alumni at Landskrona Foto Festival

This September, WMA alumni Lee Kai Chung and Yim Sui Fong from the ‘Transition’ cycle will participate in Landskrona Foto Festival, the renowned international photography festival that takes place in Sweden from September 4-20, 2020. The duo will take part in a group exhibition of six artists including Sim Chi Yin, Anais Lopez, Maja Daniels, and Silvia Rosi, curated by the festival’s artistic director Monica Allende. Titled Fluid Identities, the exhibition showcases different perspectives on the exploration of self-identity in the post-colonial landscape. Chung and Sui Fong will showcase their works related to their winning WMA Commission and WMA Masters projects.

Chung will be showing The Retrieval, Restoration & Predicament, the WMA Commission project that illustrates how time and ideology can change what is literally cast in metal from his research on Japanese army occupation in Hong Kong between 1941-1945.

Sui Fong will be showing The man who attends to the times, is a homage to her father who was a caretaker for 29 years (1971-2000) at a government warehouse for office supplies. .

Stay tuned to our social media channels for details of a conversation among Chung, Sui Fong and Monica Allende. They will discuss the exhibition concept and their works, with reflections on topics of transnationalism and migrations resulting from global political events, as well as enquiry into notions of historical narratives.