Identity ‧ Commission

WMA Commission “Identity” – All That. Matters Solo Exhibition of Ducky Tse Chi-Tak – Part 1

Exhibition Period
Jan 28 - Feb 14, 2018
Exhibition date and time
Sun to Wed, 2018/1/28 - 2018/2/14
Exhibition Place
Gallery L0, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC)

Ducky Tse Chi-tak, recipient of the ‘Identity’ cycle of WMA Commission,
will launch the first part of his solo photography exhibition ‘All That. Matters’ at the JCCAC from 28 January to 14 February 2018.

‘All That. Matters’ and ‘All That. Doesn’t’ is a two-part exhibition about the revolving identities of Hong Kong people explored by lens-based artist Ducky Tse Chi-Tak over the last three decades, and a showcase of Ducky’s thirty years of personal experience and art practice.

The first, ‘All That. Matters’, is an exhibition debut of Ducky’s ‘Hong Kong Faces’ series from the 1990s, which articulates the restless perspective of a young street photographer, yearning to ‘reappear’ the faces and daily lives of Hong Kong people in colonial society that would otherwise be
‘disappeared’. The second part, “All That. Doesn’t” will be launched together with the WMA Masters finalists’ exhibition in mid-April.