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Sheung Yiu: everything is a projection

Exhibition Period
Jan 25 - Mar 31, 2024
Exhibition date and time
Thu to Sun, 12:00pm - 7:00pm
Exhibition Place
WMA Space

WMA continues its exploration of the biennial theme “Home” in 2024 and presents the latest commissioned project “everything is a projection” by artist Sheung Yiu. Born in Hong Kong and currently based in Finland, Yiu explores sensory memories of home through his photographic and digital imaging practice. Over the past year, Yiu has digitised 81 objects on his table, as a starting point to reconstruct his home. But can memories of home truly be replicated? The sterile spaces and pristine objects created by digital technology strip away the erosion of bacteria, the lingering scents, and even the traces of the passage of time, making it difficult to capture the various memories associated with “home”. A series of new works presents Yiu’s questioning of replication technology, as well as one’s impulse and longing to find, recreate, or replicate a “home”. 

The exhibition is curated by Yeewan Koon. On January 25, there will be a curator-led tour at 5 PM, followed by an opening ceremony from 6 to 8 PM. 

For curatorial statement, please visit: https://wma.hk/article/curatorial-statement-everything-is-a-projection/

8/2 (Thu)
7pm - 8pm Artist Talk | Digital Worlds, Impossible Homes  

Conducted by Sheung Yiu and Yeewan Koon in English

In this artist conversation, Sheung Yiu will be sharing some of his research and thoughts on the limits of technology and the way placeless-ness can be a condition of home. As an image-centric artist who often works with digital technology, Sheung will also be discussing the discourse of realism in computer science and issues and debates surrounding the (im)possibility of translation of the physical world into algorithms and codes. This also leads to a further question–What are some of the ways our perceptions or values related to looking have shifted how we think through ideas of belongings?

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24/2 (Sat)
11am - 12pm Perfume Workshop | Smells Like Home  

Led by Yeewan Koon and BeCandle in Cantonese

In this workshop, curator Yeewan Koon and the team from local perfumer BeCandle will guide participants through an exploration of scent and memory. Continuing Yiu’s thinking from his video essay Everything is a Projection, that digital recreation of spaces often neglects the crucial importance of scent in creating a sense of belonging, participants will get a chance to create a custom scent that reminds them of home.

More about BeCandle: https://www.becandle.com.hk/pages/about-us

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