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How to Cook a Photobook: A Bibliophilic Soiree with Morël Books

Exhibition Period
Nov 17, 2023
Exhibition date and time
Fri to Fri, 7pm - 8pm
Exhibition Place
1/F KINO@Eaton HK

What’s the recipe for a perfect photobook? As images take the stage, how does one sequence, format, and design, to best serve their visual literacy? The orchestration of “show, don’t tell” in photobooks requires not only the sensitivity of the artists themselves, but also the sous-chefs– book designers, editors, and publishers. 

Tonight’s sous-chef is Aron Morël, the London-based publisher and founder of Morël Books. Morël specialises in publishing works by established and emerging artists, with a focus on lens-based arts. Morël actively engages with artists throughout the conception, editing, and design processes. The goal is to craft an artist’s book that embraces idiosyncrasies, deliberately steering away from the publisher-led conventions. Morël Books published titles by Boris Mikhailov, Corinne Day, Nobuyoshi Araki, Patti Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe, Ryan McGinley, and more. 

In a time when media is overloading and exhibitions ephemeral, (photo)books last, quietly circulating the bygones and reaching far beyond expectations. This talk is a spin-off event to Book Lab, a new joint venture by WMA and HART Haus to provide a co-learning platform on the process of creating artbook and photobook for artists, designers, and publishers.

Venue:1/F KINO, Eaton Hotel

Date:2023/11/17 (Fri)