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WMA x HART – Book Lab: Publication Seminar Series

Exhibition Period
Nov 11 - 18, 2023
Exhibition date and time
Sat to Sat, -
Exhibition Place
HART Haus in Kennedy Town

Co-presented by WMA and HART, the ‘Book Lab’ is a new initiative focused on artists’ books. Spotlighting design thinking, materiality, printing and reading experiences, ‘Book Lab’ intends to stretch established sequencing-driven models for generating books, to the process of conceptualisation and format design. ‘Book Lab’ includes two full-day seminars on November 11 and 18, and a five-day book making workshop. A group of local and international designers, publishers, and book makers will demonstrate how books transform from paper that simply carries knowledge to a collection of artists’ thoughts and actions. A book can be used as a contemporary creative medium not only for reading but also for looking at, touching, and even experiencing. We cordially invite all those who are interested in producing books for artists to sign up for the Book Lab.

Application deadline: 29 October 2023, Sunday

Key speakers and discussants include: (Full Bio Day 1, Day 2)

 • Sunny Wong (Founder of Design Director of studiowmw)

 • Chan Hei Shing (Founder & Design Director of Hei Shing Book Design)

 • Toby Ng (Creative Director of Toby Ng Design)

 • Keith Chun Kai Fung (Founder of flip & roll)

 • Allan Fan & Poe Cheung (Co-founder of Nous)

 • William Tsao (Creative Director of Third Paragraph)


 • Ashley Lee (Account Director of Kith&Kin)

 • Ling Chung (Founder of Brownie Publishing)

 • Ming Cheung (Founder & design director of for&st)

 • Heesun Seo (Founder of Studio Hik; Art director, ArtAsiaPacific)

11/11 (Sat)
10:30 - 16:30 Publication Seminar - Day 1  

The first seminar will focus on ‘style of engagement‘. Focusing on concepts, materials, packaging, three local design practitioners will use their own work as examples of how sight and touch are integrated into the reading experience, and how to contextualise the text and ideas into a book that engages with audiences.

Sunny Wong (studiowmw)
Chan Hei Shing (Hei Shing Book Design)
Toby Ng (Toby Ng Design

Keith Chun (flip & roll)
Allan Fan and Poe Cheung (NOUS)
William Tsao (Third Paragraph

**The seminars and discussions of Day 1 would be mainly conducted in Cantonese. Bilingual discussions are welcomed.

18/11 (Sat)
10:30 - 16:30 Publication Seminar - Day 2  

The second seminar will be centred around ‘book circulation’. Three speakers with substantial backgrounds in publishing and distribution will present the possibility of contemporary book printing, publishing, and distribution, through the employment of creative book design process,  direct negotiation and appropriation of visual language.

Aron Morel (Mörel Books)
Sarah Greene (Blue Lotus Gallery)
Ashley Lee (Kith&Kin)

Ling Chung (Brownie Publishing)
Ming Cheung (for&st)
Heesun Seo (Studio Hik)

**The seminars and discussions of Day 2 would be mainly conducted in English. Bilingual discussions are welcomed.