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Irregular Plurals: Dwelling

Exhibition Period
Sep 28 - Oct 29, 2023
Exhibition date and time
Thu to Sun, -
Exhibition Place
WMA Space

This is a time when change is constant.

Rural landscapes morph into concrete forests, narrow alleys ascend to lofty sky bridges, and ancient, gnarled trees succumb to the dominion of power lines. Such is the transformation of our everyday landscapes, where the weight of shattered memories and crumbling history is carried, giving rise to an urban space characterised by an ever-greater sense of impermanence. The ‘Irregular Plurals’ exhibition series progresses from ‘Habitat’ to ‘Dwelling’, as we shift our focus from the residing creatures, to the spaces they call home. Through various modes of perception and exploring the intricacies of everyday life, we delve deep into the details and stories that bind humanity to their places of residence.

Urban transportation and its rhythms take centre stage in Lam Wing Sze’s video works, as they oscillate between relentless motion and intermittent stillness, casting a discerning gaze into the crevices and gaps of existence. Dorothy Wong Ka Chung & Benjamin Ryser’s latest work expands upon their tracking of the diasporic communities of the new generation, which in turns prompts the memories and imaginations of those who have stayed. Through juxtaposing the tree images that span across time and space, the work showcases the transient network of relationships surrounding the concept of ‘home.’ The recurring imagery of street lamps in the works of both artist groups serves as a guiding light, patiently leading curious souls to wander and seek an alternate path towards finding their way home.

For curatorial statement, please visit https://wma.hk/en/article/curatorial-statement-irregular-plurals-dwelling/