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‘Overriding the Light of Day’

Exhibition Period
May 25 - Jul 16, 2023
Exhibition date and time
Thu to Sun, 12pm - 7pm
Exhibition Place
WMA Space

In the post-truth era, how do we critically engage with the flood of messages, and the intentions behind them?

WMA is delighted to present ‘Overriding the Light of Day’, a solo exhibition by artist Elvis Yip Kin Bon and curated by Chloe Chow. The exhibition presents the fruition of Yip’s month-long residency at the WMA Space. In this series of new works, Yip utilises newspapers as the creative medium; through reading, extracting, writing, and compiling news imagery and information collected in the past six years, Yip crafts an open narrative system that encourages viewers to conduct their own interpretations. In his creative process, newspaper texts and images are deliberately removed and erased, thereby fragmenting grand narratives, magnifying previously precluded details, and thus filling the sentimental gaps in existing news rhetoric. The ‘over-’ in overriding refers to the recurring visual elements in the news, the analogous symbols collaged together, and also the vivid realities that subvert earlier meanings. In a time when information is everywhere but nowhere, lost words and blank histories are perhaps the liminal creative space where the freedom of thought could be found.

For curatorial statement, please refer to https://wma.hk/article/curatorial-statement-overriding-the-light-of-day/