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Performing Islands — Hong Kong and Jeju as cases | Online Screening & sharing

Exhibition Period
Aug 06, 2022
Exhibition date and time
Sat to Sat, 10pm - 11pm
Exhibition Place

Islands and coastal communities are often omitted in history writing and policymaking because of different reasons, including economic and military developments. This online screening programme aims to create a juncture with two diverging methods of intervention and documentation in presenting these communities. Through juxtaposing media about Jeju Island in South Korea and Hong Kong Island, we interrogate critical issues related to the coloniality of islands in Asia. Grant Leuning, a San Diego native, studies the territorial liminality through his local experience living in border cities and on islands. Having lived on Jeju Island, Leuning researched the anti-US naval base protests organised by the islanders while delving into these issues through poetry. Currently studying in the UK, Fredie Chan Ho Lun, who is a documentary maker from Hong Kong, interviewed fishermen from Peng Chau and the Causeway Bay typhoon shelter, exploring how land reclamation affected their everyday life. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the two documentarians led by Dr. Wong Ka Lee, where they will discuss the strategic role of performativity and sounds in critically presenting various social issues related to the islandic populations in Asia.

> Date: 6.8.2022
> Time: 10pm – 11pm (Sat)
> Place: Zoom Live
> Registration: https://bit.ly/3zofp47 


The Fishermen’s Discourse’

> Producer:Chloe Lai | Director : Chan Ho Lun Fredie | Photographers:Chan Ho Lun Fredie、Ma Chi Hang | Sound:Ocean Ho
> Hong Kong / 2013/ Colour / 15 min
> In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
> Work by:Urban Diary

Talking to two fishermen made me realise I have never looked at Hong Kong from their perspective. Urban Diary tries to look at Hong Kong and see our shoreline from the sea. We filmed the two fishermen in action, getting on their fishing boat, experiencing fishing and looking at the ongoing reclamation from the harbour with them.

‘목요일: An Experimental Subjectivation Tactic for Use on Hostile Objects & Line, Gather, Rock-in-the-Way’

> Artist:Grant M Leuning
> Jeju / 2021 / Colour / 9 min
> In Korean and English

The Experimental Subjectivation Tactics series was developed at the border wall between San Diego and Tijuana in the California Edgelands. It is designed to provoke the minimal spatial or temporal disjunction of subjectivity in objects or spaces which are hostile to human beings. These two films show part of the imposition of this unstable and corrosive subjectivity onto the Jeju Naval Base, in Gangjeong, South Korea.

In a series of 11 performances, called “목요일”, audio recordings taken on Thursday September 2nd in 2021 were projected at the Naval Base from different angles and in different spatial arrangements. After surrounding the base, the collective recordings were layered together and projected at the base during a final performance, “Line, Gather, Rock-in-the-way”.


Speakers bio:

Fredie Chan Ho Lun
International award-winning documentary filmmaker, scholarship recipient, now studying MA Film-Directing at the University of Edinburgh. His films cover urban grassroots activism and Hong Kong rural cultures, including The Way of Paddy (2013), Open Road After Harvest (2015) and Rhymes of Shui Hau (2017).

Grant Leuning
Grant Leuning is an artist and writer in San Diego, California. His work uses poetry, collective production, and experimental film to confront the dis-places of borders and military installations. He is also a PhD Candidate at the University of California, San Diego, writing a dissertation on aesthetics and politics on Jeju Island.

Ka Lee Wong
Ka Lee Wong is a Dornsife Fellow in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Southern California. She earned her PhD in USC. Her research interests include the dialectic relationship between language and identity in transnational Chinese media.

6/8 (Sat)
10pm - 11pm