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Documenting Islands — Screening and sharing of Chuen Kee Ferry and I Wish

Exhibition Period
Jul 30, 2022
Exhibition date and time
Sat to Sat, 2pm - 4pm
Exhibition Place

Adopting the perspectives of objects’, directors Cheuk Cheung and Ma Chi Hang selected the Tin Hau statue and kaito ferry in “I Wish” and “Chuen Kee Ferry” as their vantage points into the investigation of how objects navigate the islands alive. Through the Tin Hau statue’s eyes and ears, “I Wish” observes the believers’ prayers and the changing landscapes adjacent to the temple. “Chuen Kee Ferry“, on the other hand, tells the story of kaito ferry daily operations and how it serves as a connector in and out of the island. Both films were shot with an observational approach, allowing viewers to become part of the environment. The programme will be followed by a post-screening talk led by island studies researcher Dr. Otto Heim, with two filmmakers.

> Date: 30.7.2022
> Time: 2pm – 4pm (Sat)
> Place: WMA Space 8/F, Chun Wo Commercial Centre, 23-29 Wing Wo Street, Central
> Registration: https://bit.ly/3PibSL5 


‘ I Wish ‘

> Director: Cheuk Cheung
> Hong Kong / 2021/ 彩色 Colour / 23 min
> In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

With over a hundred Tin Hau temples in Hong Kong, there are three on Lamma Island alone. Why do people worship Tin Hau? How has their relationship with Tin Hau temples evolved over the years? Extending his interest in the god-worshipping activities and festivals in his last documentary Bamboo Theatre (2019), Cheuk Cheung, this time in this short film, continues to observe and document the states of Tin Hau temples on the island and beyond, as an attempt to contextualise the everyday practice of the fishing community, islanders and city dwellers visiting the temples.

Chuen Kee Ferry

> Director: Ma Chi-hang
> Hong Kong / 2021/ Colour / 22 min
> In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

The ferry is the only means of transportation for islanders to travel between Lamma Island and the city. Its cabin is an important social space where countless exchanges are made daily on the commute. Adopting an observational approach, documentary director Ma Chi-hang records the everyday interactions among local commuters inside the ferry, offering insights into the rich and diverse social landscape of Lamma and the quintessential affability of its residents. During the half-hour commute, the scenery changes several times, it is also where the pace of life becomes more relaxed.

Director bio:
Cheuk Cheung
Filmmaker and Co-founder of A Priori Image. Cheuk directed three documentaries about Chinese Opera, including My Way (2012), My Next Step (2015) and Bamboo Theatre (2019). He also co-directed a theatre piece Songs of Portrait (2018) and a dance film Someday I Will Become a Rock (2019). His works have been screened in Europe and Asia and nominated for the Best Documentary at the Golden Horse Awards.

Ma Chi-hang
Independent film director and practitioner in writing, cultural management and art education. Ma’s recent work includes Malinois’ Gaze (2014) and Ballad on the Shore (2017). The latter received two awards from the 16th RAI Film Festival.

Facilitator bio:
Otto Heim

Born in Switzerland, Otto Heim has lived in Hong Kong since 2001, teaching English literary studies at the University of Hong Kong. His interest in island studies evolved from his research on indigenous and postcolonial literature and culture in Oceania. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Shima and co-organized the second Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos conference, held at HKU in March 2016, and the symposium “The Space Between: Creativity, Performance and Impact in Contemporary Island Societies”, hosted by the School of English at HKU in December 2018. He lives in Mui Wo.

30/7 (Sat)
2pm - 4pm