Wei Leng Tay Solo Exhibition ‘Abridge’

Exhibition Period
Oct 22 - Dec 22, 2021
Exhibition date and time
Fri to Wed, 12:00nn - 7:00pm
Exhibition Place
WMA Space, 8/F Chun Wo Commercial Centre, 23-29 Wing Wo Street, Central

What does it mean to make images in an uncertain present?

Through photography, video and sound, ‘Abridge’ reflects on the materiality of images and media, grappling with the vital yet tenuous presence of personal and shared pasts. Developed between 2018-2021, the project reflects a process of introspective, instinctive exploration, in which Tay’s previous work becomes the subject. The central series comprises photographic prints made by digitally re-photographing analogue images Tay made while living and working in Hong Kong from 1999-2015. Transformed by her mobile phone and printed as C-Type photographs, Tay registers their presence as more than images — as artefacts. This series reflects on shifts in technology and Tay’s artistic practice, against the broader question of how we see and interact with images today. The photographs orbit a single-channel video installation, in which time seems suspended by the sense of endless movement along the bridge to Zhuhai, a liminal space in which one loses a sense of direction. The image-objects in ‘Abridge’ intentionally reveal their making and are conscious of their layered, reflective surfaces, registering Tay’s hand in their current state – in their currency. No longer informing as they once did, they reflect a past as only so many fragmentary glimpses, stubbornly refusing to form a nostalgic whole.For detail curatorial statement, please refer to https://wma.hk/wei-leng-tay-solo-exhibition-abridge/

Reservation link: 
https://bit.ly/3n0MdtC   How to get here: https://wma.hk/how-to-get-here/  

Guided tour: https://wma.hk/wei-leng-tay-solo-exhibition-abridge-guided-tour/

About the Artist 

Cross-disciplinary artist Wei Leng Tay (b.1978, Singapore) works closely with photography, video and audio, interrogating the ways we see and present the world we live in through the practice of image making. Often inspired by her personal as well as other’s family histories, archival materials, and social environments, her photojournalistic background allows her to contextualise an issue while dealing with its complex emotions and memories, and establishes a distinctive visual language to encapsulate such multiplicity. Tay received her MFA from Bard College’s Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts. Her works have been collected by museums including National University of Singapore (NUS) Museum; National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art; Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan; Heritage Museum, Hong Kong, and Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan. She has received awards including the Art Creation Fund from National Arts Council Singapore’s (2009) and the Poynter Fellowship from Yale School of Art (2015).


About the Curator 

Olivier Krischer is an art historian, curator and translator and currently an Honorary Associate in Art History at The University of Sydney, and convenor of the Sydney Asian Art Series. His research regards art and social engagement across East Asia. His recent publications include: ‘Shades of Green: Notes on China’s Eco-civilisation’ (co-edited with L. Tomba, 2021) and ‘Zhang Peili: from Painting to Video’ (2019). In addition to his research and writing, Krischer also curated exhibitions including, ‘Wei Leng Tay: Abridge’ (Sydney, 2021), ‘Wayfaring: Photography in 1970s-80s Taiwan’ (co-curated with Shuxia Chen, 2021) and ‘Zhang Peili: from Painting to Video’ (co-curated with Kim Machan, 2016).

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