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Peer to Peer: UK/HK – Chris Paul Daniels digital residency 2/4

#PeertoPeerUKHK】Hi! Chris Paul Daniels here taking over WMA for my second sharing!
I personally can’t think of a place in England more associated with light than Blackpool – it is a beacon for people to come to the town, a source of celebration and a driver for the local economy.
The exhibition at Grundy Art Gallery titled ‘THE LIGHTS’, takes it’s title from the shorthand for how the Blackpool Illuminations are referred to locally and the exhibition is timed to coincide with, and contribute to the town’s annual season of light, which has been extended this year.
The exhibition includes Tracey Emin, Joseph Kosuth, Mark Titchner, Andrea Büttner, Tony Heaton OBE, Amy Ellison, Ian Whittlesea, Noel Clueit, Maeve Rendle, Shigenobu Yoshida, Martin Creed and myself.
The Grundy was founded by the brothers Cuthbert and John Grundy in 1911 with the ambition to show the best art of the day to the people of Blackpool. The gallery draws on the invigorating context and heritage of Blackpool, for instance exploring the space between contemporary art, entertainment and popular culture.
‘Northern Lights’ is currently showcased online and at Grundy Art Gallery, in the exhibition ‘THE LIGHTS’: https://bit.ly/35w0rd2
* This film is best viewed on a big screen with headphones or volume turned up loud *
Image credit: Installation shots by the artist of ‘Northern Lights’ at the Grundy Art Gallery