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Peer to Peer: UK/HK – Chris Paul Daniels digital residency 1/4

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1 & 2. Still from ‘Northern Lights’ courtesy of the artist and Collection of Grundy Art Gallery/Blackpool Council
#PeertoPeerUKHK】Hi! I’m Chris Paul Daniels, an Artist Filmmaker based in Manchester, UK, For about once a week, I will be taking over this page from now to November 13th.
‘Northern Lights’ is my response to the unique traditions in the seaside town of Blackpool in North West England and the annual light festival called the Blackpool Illuminations; something my family would visit every year when I was growing up.
I shot the footage myself but present the results as a ‘found archive’ to confuse the placement of time and study the ‘Illuminations’ as a tool to look at our own place in history.
An inquisitive voice from the far future, or ‘visitor from another place’, interrogates the traditions and artefacts of the Blackpool Illuminations, the annual light festival first established in 1879.
Known as a historic centre of working class seaside tourism, Blackpool’s unique fantastical fairground imagery can be universally identified as totemic remnants of a former era.’
‘Northern Lights’ is currently showcased online by the Grundy Art Gallery: https://bit.ly/35w0rd2
* This film is best viewed on a big screen with headphones or volume turned up loud *
‘Northern Lights’ was co-commissioned by Grundy Art Gallery and ICA and acquired for the Collection of Grundy Art Gallery/ Blackpool Council through the Art Fund’s New Collecting Awards.